Fundraising season for ALS!

Dear Friends and Family,

Because of COVID restrictions, this fall the NC Chapter of the ALS Association is having to hold a “virtual” Walk to Defeat ALS. Karin, the kids, and I are again sponsoring a fundraising team, “Kens Caucus,” and are reaching out to ask for help, If your family financial situation in this difficult time permits, we would welcome a donation, large or small! And please spread the word to your contacts too.

The link to the site where you can contribute is here:

“Ken’s Caucus” — Ken’s fundraising page:

Thanks so much!


Author: Ken Menkhaus

Professor of Political Science at Davidson College. Specialist on Somalia and the Horn of Africa. Interests include development, statebuilding, informal governance systems, peace and conflict studies, and political Islam. I also teach on philanthropy and the non-profit sector.

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