Health Update September 2020

I had my first clinical consultation since January (delays due to COVID-19 disruptions) and the results were excellent. No notable disease progression, and the symptoms remain confined to my feet and legs. The docs were very pleased and intrigued by the very slow progression. I can still walk a mile using a foot ankle brace and either a cane or walker, and I can still play a round of golf. I do tire easily, especially if I have to stand for a long time. But overall the report is very positive. Thanks to all of you who have asked!


Author: Ken Menkhaus

Professor of Political Science at Davidson College. Specialist on Somalia and the Horn of Africa. Interests include development, statebuilding, informal governance systems, peace and conflict studies, and political Islam. I also teach on philanthropy and the non-profit sector.

2 thoughts on “Health Update September 2020”

  1. Hey Ken, this is great!

    Hope you guys have been able to negotiate the lockdown, such as it may be in your region. We have been able to survice Ma Sturgeon and her nanny state, but it did manage to push the infection rates down so low that we are mostly back to normal here, though we will be doing online teaching for at least this semester

    Keep well.



  2. Glad to hear about the good report. I’m sure the pandemic has affected so much of your life as it has everyone’s (The Herald House Girls 60th birthdays trip-scheduled for November- had to be postponed until 2021.) You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Mary


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